In this article, we will be giving you some of the Germans that paved a path in history with their accomplishments. The list below includes the editor’s pick of famous people including, authors, artists, inventors and other German celebrities.

Michael Schumacher – Globally renowned as one of the best Formula One drivers in the world. The man held the title of seven-time World Champion Formula 1 driver and is considered to have won the most Grand Prix races in history.

Rudolf Diesel – A very talented engineer that came up with the first Diesel Engine.

Albert Einstein – The theoretical physicist and the genius that developed the theory of relativity. Renowned across the world, Einstein’s work had also a significant effect on the philosophy of science.

Ludwig van Beethoven – A German composer, specializing in romantic classical music. He is the creator of many beloved tunes across the world.

Boris Becker – The youngest in history to ever win the men’s singles title in tennis at Wimbledon, at the age of 17. Apart from his many awards, he was ranked as the best professional tennis player in the world.

Konrad Zuse – He was the first to come up with a fully digital programmable machine and changed the way we communicate, work and live. In 1941, he developed what nowadays is known as the ‘computer’. Back then it was known as the Z3.

Franz Beckenbauer – To some he is considered as one of the best football players that ever lived. In fact, in 2004 he was listed in the FIFA 100 of the world’s greatest living players. He is also frequently credited for inventing the role of the sweeper in football.

Richard Kruspe – The lead guitarist of the famous German music band, Rammstein. The band developed into becoming the country’s top music export.

Marlene Dietrich – One of the most glamorous actresses’ worldwide. She was the queen of cinema during 20th century.

Friedrich Nietzsche – a German philosopher whose work had a significant influence on Western Philosophy and modern history. Till today he still inspires thousands of people searching for inner meaning. He was known for accepting the realities of the world instead of the notion of a world beyond’.