1- Plan well in advance. Start by looking for a place to live at least 6-8months before your move. Finding accommodation for you and family can be quite difficult, especially if you do not speak the native language. Search for local online agents or websites that you can view several types of apartments at different price ranges.

2- If you plan to send your children to school, ensure that there are good schools in the area of accommodation.

3- Check out the laws and Do’s and Don’ts of the country. Blending in and adapting can be crucial for you and your family. Check school ratings and reviews.

4- Save enough money for plan B. If unfortunately, your move is not successful, it will be much easier and less stressful if you have a backup.

5- Include your children in your move, make it exciting for them as it is for you! Your kids can really make or break your move, as if they are not happy, it is likely you aren’t either.

6- As previously mentioned, adapting is key. However, it is important to take some of your cultures and traditions along with you.

7- If you have a pet, ensure required items are securely packed and documents are in place.

8- If you are driving yourself, make sure that you a plan in place for your journey to get to the destination safely.

9- Ensure any medical related products are packed well for your journey.

10- Last but not least, if you are moving with your partner, include them in the move. Help plan together and ensure no items are forgotten.