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Application – What is required?

Who can apply for the EU Blue Card?

Academics from non-EU countries and highly skilled workers can apply for the EU Blue card for a limited and simple work permit.

How does it work?

The application has to be sent to the responsible foreign department, which is usually settled at the same place as the administrative district.  Then the foreign department needs to tell the labour department and the employment agency regarding their conclusions in relation to the EU Blue card.

Conditions for application:

  • A German university degree, a foreign university degree equivalent to the German one or foreign university degree which is recognised and accepted.

In order to check which foreign university degrees are accepted the central department for the foreign education department (ZAB) offers an online database where one can check which degrees are accepted.  As an alternative, EU blue card applicant can apply for an individual check.  The check is not free and has to be presented at the foreign department.

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Qualified working contract

In the contract it has to be clearly stated that the annual gross salary is at least €46.400 per annum (€3.867 gross per month).  In some shortage sectors, an annual gross salary of €38.688 (€3.224 per month) is enough.  Such jobs are: mathematicians, scientists, planning officers, architects, traffic managers, engineer scientists, engineers, doctors (excluding dentists), town planners and also academic skilled workers in ICT( Information & Communication Technology.)

Approval of the federal agency for work

Approval from the German Federal is not required if a German Master’ certificate is provided and if the gross salary is at least €46.400 or at least €38.688 in an understaffed profession.

Labour Market Authority

If the foreign university degree is proofed and a working contract in the shortage sector is wanted, an acceptance from the labour department is required.

 Permission for professionalism

In certain cases where there are other regulations for the permission of professionalism (for instance in the medical sector or engineers sectors) the permission needs to be presented before the EU Blue card is awarded.

Place of residence in the sector of the regional foreign department

In order for foreigners to be allowed to receive the EU Blue card, they have to be living in the area of responsibility.  Therefore, the permission of staying is necessary.   This means that an applicant has to have already the right to stay for other reasons.  In the case of Germany, a visa for entering the country needs to be applied for beforehand.  This can be done at the German embassy and after that, one can apply for the EU Blue card at the foreign department.

Documents required:

  • Valid passport
  • One new biometric photo ( 35mm x45mm & person directly facing at the camera)
  • 35mm x 45mm
  • Person directly facing at the camera
  • Neutral facial expression & closed mouth
  • Bright background
  • University report – If necessary the valuation of ZAB
  • Concrete job offer or working contract
  • Form – Application for permitting a stay title (Antrag auf Erteilung eines Aufenthaltstitels).
  • Form – Application for permission of an employment (Antrag auf Erlaubnis einer Beschäftigung). Only necessary if the approval of the federal agency for labour is required.
  • Form – Work Place description (Stellenbeschreibung). This is only needed if the endorsement of the federal agency for labour is required.


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