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Who awards Scholarship in Germany

Who Awards Schoolarship in Germany

There are many organizations in Germany that provide financial aid. For international students, the German Academic Exchange Service (or DAAD: Deutsche Akademische Austauschdienst), offers scholarships through its partners. So the answer to, “who awards scholarships in Germany?” is complex, but can be simplified with the DAAD’s help.

Types of scholarships

There are two types of scholarships, and both are helpful, but their categories say it all: there are monetary and non-monetary scholarships. Non-monetary scholarships provide benefits such as invitations to lectures, workshops and scientific conferences. These are most useful for the period beyond your scholarship studies, but make no mistake: they are still excellent long-term opportunities.
Monetary scholarships, meanwhile, come in partial and full forms. Partial scholarships are often lump sums, and receiving one means you may need more funding, either other scholarships or sponsorship from other institutions (and those non-monetary scholarships can help with this). Full scholarships, however, provide funding throughout the duration of your studies. They are pretty much self-explanatory!


It’s important that you do not give up when applying for scholarships! If you do not receive a scholarship at first, try, try again. You can almost always re-apply after a certain time. To increase your chances (and reduce the length of your painstaking search), it’s important to inquire at the faculty department of your host university as to how you might find more scholarships. Even making this kind of basic connection with your university’s international office can help your search: it’s not just your grades and knowledge, but your personality and social commitment that are a part of your scholarship application.

Who awards scholarships in Germany? In the end, you do, by applying the right way. Think of it like this: Coca-Cola’s first year sold only nine drinks a day, but we all know how that turned out. With enough perseverance, you’ll make a scholarship breakthrough. Good luck!

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