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German Health InsuranceFor those planning to live and work in Germany, it’s reassuring to know the health care system is efficient, comprehensive and highly-rated throughout the world. It’s equally important to realise that German health insurance is a compulsory legal requirement for foreign nationals, and those encountering the health insurance system for the first time will find the assistance of a specialist insurance broker invaluable. B-Protected Germany, affiliated with the Welcome Center, are independent health insurance brokers offering customer-friendly, knowledgeable advice on every aspect of German health cover, and well-qualified to help you secure the best options to meet your individual needs and circumstances. Contact us for the best private health insurance in Germany.

Status and eligibility

While you are resident in Germany, you have two health-insurance options which will provide acceptable cover to meet your legal obligations. These are: Statutory health insurance, usually termed GKV (Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung), or private health insurance, known as PKV (Private Krankenversicherung). In order to qualify for private health insurance you must either have freelancer/self-employed status, or else your earned gross income must exceed a certain level.

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Statutory health insurance (GKV)

This is a government-run scheme and is the compulsory option for all employees whose annual salary falls below a fixed level. Contributions for this basic-minimum health cover are shared 50/50 between you and your employer, and assessed at a fixed percentage, which is then deducted from your monthly income.

Private health insurance (PKV)

German PKV is generally regarded as a more cost-effective choice than the state alternative and offers a comprehensive range of health cover options. It is also permissible to arrange private health insurance via international insurers, though not every international company will be able to offer a policy which complies with German health-care insurance regulations. Generally speaking, international providers must at least guarantee to match the basic cover afforded by Germany’s GKV scheme, including an extension to cover the cost of long term nursing care.

All private health insurance quotes recommended by B-Protected Germany will be fully compliant with German legal requirements and are only the best private health insurance in Germany. However, your advisor will fully discuss your needs and expectations to ensure the health-insurance product you purchase is the best cost-to-value cover available.

Risk assessment

Whereas statutory health insurance is based on fixed rates, private health insurance costs will be rated according to certain features of the insurance risk you represent – primarily your age and medical health record.

German health insurance cover

For your peace of mind, your advisor at B-Protected Germany will explain the details of what your German health insurance policy will cover so you understand the level of protection it offers you and your family during your stay in Germany.

B-Protected Germany can provide you with an instant free quote for German health insurance and will guide you through the process of completing all relevant forms. All insurance cover will be tailored to your personal needs and guaranteed to fulfill your obligations under German law. We offer one of the best private health insurance in Germany with a simple and fast procedure, and those who need a residence permit will find B-Protected Germany can offer a 48-hour turnaround service.

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