Last Sunday, the beer-carrying record was broken at the Gillamoos fair, which is organized every year in the Bavarian town of Abensberg. Previously the record stood at 25 steins by the German waiter, Oliver Strümpfel. The record was initially broken by the same man when carrying 27 steins in a 40-meter walkway. In the second run, Oliver re-beat his own record trying to carry 31 steins of beer. During the run, he lost two beers, therefore, the record was renewed at 29 steins.

As one can imagine, this activity requires quite a lot of strength, discipline and technique training. 29 steins of beer weigh approximately 70 kilograms. Record breaking waiter explains briefly the type of preparation needed for such event, “I have been training since February three or four times a week in the gym, and that is awesome when I think that is 200 hours all for the 40 seconds I just ran.”

Motivated Strümpfel plans to beat his own record once again next year, with the target of reaching 30 steins in one run. Oliver said, “I know that I can carry more than 30 steins.”