Bicycle turns 200!

Bicycle turns 200

The ‘ancient’ mode of transport that is still extremely popular today will be turning 200 years old this year. Back in 12th June 1817, Baron Karl von Drais was the first person to take the first model of the bicycle for a ‘spin’ in the suburbs. The first model was made out of a frame of wood, steering mechanism, however, no pedals so before, the rider had to actually push his feet against the ground for the bicycle to move. For this reason, it was previously called the running machine or the ‘Laufmaschine.’ Other renowned inventors such as Leonardo da Vinci also was working on similar models, however, was never put to practise. The demand for this type of transportation, declined slightly in the 50’s due to the growth in the automobile industry. However, in the 80’s, the bicycle regained its popularity due to the need to get around in the hectic and busy cities.

Till today the bicycle is used on a global scale by many countries, especially in northern countries like Germany, Netherlands and France. Apart from its exercising benefits, the bicycle provides a low cost, emission free mode of transport and can be driven by almost any age group.