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Do you have a business idea and plan to develop it in Germany? If yes, then this section provides you with ample information how to do that, successfully and legally. Apart from its high quality of life, Germany is renowned for its healthy and strong economy, especially in the past two-three years. Europe’s largest economy is prosperous and striving for growth.

Furthermore, Germany is ranked the 17th out of 190 countries in the overall business ratings. It is also home to many international business start-ups and SMEs, together with some of the largest companies in Europe.

With that being said, starting a business is inherently risky and particularly so in a foreign country, where you may be unfamiliar with the language, business registration process, taxes financial support and so on.

In this business section, you can find information on starting a business in Germany, particularly for those outside the European Union and seek a successful entry in the local market. You can also find information regarding general business development and the different types of companies that you can opt for. It also goes into the business information including details of the fundamental pitfalls business owners face when relocating and business etiquette. You can also contact other like-minded businesspeople in the forms and/or post a classified advertisement if you’re looking for, or offering, business opportunities.