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Healthcare in Berlin

It is important to know how the healthcare system in Germany works. Before you plan on moving to Berlin, it is important that you have sufficient health insurance coverage. For many expats living in Berlin, it is also very helpful to know which English-speaking doctors and health professionals you can get in touch with in order to facilitate the help you need.

Health Insurance in Berlin

How To Get Health Insurance When Moving To Berlin

Health insurance is mandatory in Germany. The health system consists of mandatory, voluntary and private schemes. The best health insurance option in Berlin for...
English Speaking Doctors in Berlin

English Speaking Doctors in Berlin – Making an Appointment

Learning German is always recommended and helpful when living in Berlin. With that being said, even if you are able to communicate well...
English Speaking Dentists in Berlin

How to Find the best English Speaking Dentists in Berlin

In Berlin, expats do not only find a large number of professional dentists, but the majority of them also run facilities with...