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Money & Banking in Germany

When moving to Germany, handing your money is one of the first things that needs to be sorted. Opening a bank account in Germany is a quite straight forward process. Besides this, knowing about money transfers and shopping opportunities in Germany are things that will help you get settled fast.

vat number germany

VAT Number, Rates and Registration in Germany

What is the VAT number? The VAT number in Germany is used to identify you when making payments to...

Easy international transfers

Managing money in Germany can be an expensive business for expats. Save money on currency transfers – with CurrencyFair.
Money & Banking in Germany

Best 10 Facts – Money and Banking in Germany

If you’ve just moved to Germany for long term or only temporarily, you will need at least some basic knowledge about bank accounts, online...
Money transfers Germany

Money transfers Germany

A specific form (Überweisungformular) is required to transfer money directly from one bank account to another. If you receive bills with a preprinted Überweisungsauftrag...
EC cards and credit cards

EC cards and credit cards, ATMs

An EC card is a Euro-Cheque card with a 4-digit personal PIN number which is issued by your bank and can be used to...
manage your finances

German banks

Where to manage your finances In Germany there are a big number of banks and Sparkassen (savings banks). Banks are private institutions. The local public...
Opening a bank account

How To Open a Bank Account in Germany

In Germany opening a bank account is a simple process. Besides your national identification document you often need to show some proof of a...