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It can be a challenge travelling around a foreign country. This part provides you useful advice on getting about using public transport, which forms there are and the costs. We’re also discussing the advantages and disadvantages there are regards to import or rent a car in Germany. We focus on how everything works and therefore have to take into account about this subject.


When coming to Germany, there will be many things to organize and care about. One big topic will surely be individual mobility: Rent your car with Avis and stay mobile no matter where you are. Check our great offers now
rent a car in Germany

Driving your own car or rent a car in Germany Import your own car to Germany It can be complicated and costly to import a car...
Driving a car in Germany

Driving conditions and driving licences When you reach the age 18 years you will be eligible to drive a car in Germany.  You don’t have...
Public transport in Germany

In Germany urban public transport systems are modern and extensive. With buses being the most common form of public transportation, the most cities have...