• Do not be late. Punctuality is taken very seriously in this country. Being in time is a way to win their favor.
  • Do not start your food before you receive the ‘Guten Appetit”, it a matter of politeness.
  • Do not get too drunk! Public drunkenness is frowned upon.
  • Do not put your elbows on the face of the table when you eat.
  • Do not eat with your fingers.
  • Do not ask for tap water when at a restaurant.


  • Do shake hands when you meet someone, regardless if, female or male.
  • Do address people formally, using ‘Sie’ rather than, ‘Du’.
  • Do dress smart, avoid extremely casual wear.
  • Do be aware that many places in Germany, including restaurants prefer if you pay by cash rather than cards. It is always good to carry cash with you.
  • Do say ‘Prost’ as cheers before drinking, especially if it is a new round.
  • Do settle an insurance plan, as it is required by law when residing in Germany.
  • Do get used to tipping. It is considered as a kind gesture when you do.