It can be a very exiting experience to drive in Germany, when taking into consideration most of Germany’s autobahns have no speed limits. However, one has to take into account all the other rules and regulations. With that being said, driving in Germany one can experience spectacular and picturesque scenery. The roads are mainly all in great condition, offering reassurance and safety measures to prevent accidents as much as possible. Furthermore, authorities suggest to not exceed the speed of 130km/hr in areas with no speed limits.

As a foreigner driving in Germany, one can easily drive around the country with a foreign license up to six months. Citizens with a US license, however, are legally able to drive up to 364 days, if given permission by the authorities. In this case scenario, the US license holder has to present proof that they will be leaving the country before the 364 days are up. Examples of proof are, work contacts with expiration dates, return tickets and other types of formal and legal reassurance.