If you are an interviewer or have a company and it is time to employ a manager, there are certain qualities you should take into consideration. The manager’s role can vary quite a lot, however, usually to manage a team and motivate them towards goals. One of the main characteristics searched in a manager is, leadership. It is crucial for the manager to be able to lead her or his team in lines with the organization’s objectives. In this article, we will give you the top qualities to keep in mind when searching for the right manager.


There are many theories to this word, however, a simple one is, when one goes above and beyond for the company, where they are engaged enough to want to make the particular workplace a better place than it was when they entered.


The ability to delegate is crucial for a manager’s role. A manager often has many tasks to accomplish, hence, they have to be able to spread the work with the employees while remaining responsible and in control of the outcome.

Performance Management

Leaders need to make sure to get their team to work in right performance level while being in collaboration with the departmental and individual goals.


In today’s hectic markets, change and innovation can make you stand out of the clutter. The manager has to be creative enough to find alternative ways to achieve a goal, problem solving and ‘make everyone happy’.

Positive attitude

If the leader doesn’t believe in the company, nor will the employees. A positive attitude can help solve many issues and conflicts that arise at the workplace. In addition to that, a positive mindset tends to encourage motivation and the passion towards the job.

Market intelligence

What is worth paying for? Is it worth for us introducing it?  What is meant to affect?

Having a manager aware of the current, previous and forecasted market situations can be extremely helpful. There are many benefits of market intelligence as it helps the company do the best and most feasible decisions.


Knowing when to push forward and when to stop. Even though this is usually a ‘grey area’, integrity can be measured depending the individual’s values.