• There is a total of 230 Million expats worldwide!
  • Expats make 3.1%of the global population.
  • If every expat had to hold hands and form a ‘human chain’ they would at least circle once around earth.
  • The number of expats form the imaginary 5th largest country in the world.
  • 49% of expats worldwide are females.
  • The total remittance to all countries by expats is more than the total GDP of Argentina (440 Billion Dollars).
  • One expat moves to a new country every 44 seconds.
  • Total number of American expats living abroad is 6.32 million.
  • Total number of British expats living abroad is 4.7 million. We are yet to see how Brexit affects this.


  • The largest expat population in Germany consist of Americans and British, depending on the city.
  • In 2015, Germany received a record high influx of immigrants.
  • 57% of expats in Germany are females.
  • 83% of expats are generally satisfied with their move.
  • Average weekly working hours for expats is 39.9 hours per week.
  • The highest employment status for expats in Germany is managerial position.
  • The top 1 reason for moving to Germany was due to work purposes.
  • Germany is within the top 20 country for expats.