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Five Reasons Why To Consult An Independent Mortgage Expert

The mortgage process in Germany can be complicated, especially for internationals. This is where an independent mortgage expert comes in – and look for one who specializes in international clients. They will guide international clients through the mortgage process (in English!) and help find the best deal.

Here are five reasons why an independent mortgage expert can save time, stress and money.

1. They speak the language of German real estate

Generally, international clients struggle with two language barriers when they buy a property. First and most obvious is the German language (most internationals are not fluent). Second, the technical terms of German real estate financing are quite complex.

A mortgage expert specializes in German real estate financing. Not only can they advocate for clients in German, but they can also explain the technical terms. With a German §34c and §34i GewO certified mortgage broker, clients will feel confident to make an educated decision.

2. They are independent

Independent mortgage experts have the tools to get the best deal based on the client’s unique situation. Unlike a bank’s mortgage advisor, who tends to recommend the bank’s financing offers, an independent mortgage expert works only for you.

This means that the mortgage expert looks for the right financing for you – transparently, fairly, and without any hidden costs. At LoanLink, we receive compensation from the bank after successful client mediations, so we can remain 100% free for our clients.

3. They specialize in mortgage lending for international clients

Expats and internationals face unique challenges when purchasing real estate in Germany. Many of our clients have never purchased property, or at least not in Germany.

In contrast, mortgage brokers have years of experience guiding clients through the mortgage process. They will bring attention to details and additional costs, and find the best financing strategy for you. Also they can tell you exactly how much you can borrow and identify the bank which offers the best interest rate. Regardless if you are an Expat, International Investor, EU Citizen or permanent German resident.

4. They will save you time and money

We work with a lot of expats who come to us confused. And we understand why: purchasing property in Germany can feel a lot like solving a Rubik’s Cube. Personal research can take weeks, or even months. Then, visits to various bank branches can take days. Many international clients also struggle with the stress of negotiating in German.

But an independent mortgage expert already has an established network. He knows which banks provide financing and which don’t, and has instant access to many lenders instead of one or two. Because of long-standing relationships with lenders, mortgage brokers also can negotiate better terms.

LoanLink is an independent mortgage broker specialized in mortgages for international clients. Our algorithm screens more than 400 lenders to find the best deal. Our financial advisors are experienced in the mortgage process and will guide you through all necessary steps.

If you have any questions, reach out via email at service@loanlink.de or by phone at (+49) 30 6577 3341. If you simply want to find out how much you can borrow, use our mortgage calculator.


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