At the start of 2017 the business insolvency in Germany declined.  According to Destatis, in the beginning of this year, Germany experienced a 1.6% decrease in business insolvency.  In January business insolvencies amounted up to 1,664.

Undeniably, the growth in the German economy was a major contributor to this and as it continues to improve, Germany is also experiencing an increase in investor morale. In last April, Investor’s confidence reached its highest level since August 2015.  One month before, the monthly economic sentiment was at 12.8 points and in April it increased to 19.5 points.

This highly decreases previous uncertainties and shows the economic boost Germany is going through this year as business confidence, investor morale, employment and international and local demand for goods made in Germany continue to increase monthly.  In 2018, the German economy is expected to grow by 1.8%.