In Germany, the paid content turnover for newspapers and magazines risen 14% in a year.  In an annual market analysis, PV digest said that, German newspapers and magazines earned the hefty sum of 276 million euros per year due to their paid digital products. A year ago the total had been up to 242 million euros.    This means that 4.3% of the total distribution revenue is earned by German newspapers from their paid digital offerings.

Out of 276 million euros 9% of them is generated by BILD which is the bestselling tabloid newspaper of Axel Springer.  On the other hand, 21% of the paid content revenues in Germany can be credited to the high quality of the national newspapers.  Apart from that 8% from digital subs is added to the print subscription, 40% are for the regional newspapers and 32% is from digital only subs. Most of the digital sales generated are made from selling newspapers online.