1. Traditional

Having such a rich culture and history, many Germans believe strongly in their traditions. It is quite rare for one to shift from their usual traditions. Furthermore, they are also very loyal to their brands.

  1. On time

This may not apply to all the Germans, however, most of them are renowned for their punctuality. Unless an emergency, it is very unlikely that they will be late for things such as meetings or work. They also consider it rude and offensive if someone is late, so ensure that you are always on time and at least five minutes early.

  1. Organised

Planning is very important for the Germans and they often like to have the ability to rely on plan B. They like dress formal and live in a tidy and organised environment.

  1. Humour

Regardless of all the stereo types, the Germans have a sense of humour. With that being said, they normally like to stick to non silly and childish joking.

  1. Disciplined and efficient

The Germans are renowned for their efficiencies. They are also known to be determined and disciple when it comes to work and productivity. On the other hand, they also have many entertainment activities and very vibrant, lively cities.