Germany is enforcing companies to be more transparent on wage structures in order to balance the gap between women and men.  These regulations will apply to around 14million employees in Germany.

According to statistics from the German’s office, female employees currently earn around 21% less when compared to male employees.  Several factors affected these statistics as the majority of women have a smaller chance of being employed at high paying sectors and normally work on part-time basis.  When men and women’s wages in the same sector were compared, it was concluded that men earn around 7% more than women.

German authorities agreed that employees working with companies with two hundred employees and over will have the right view anonymised information and date regarding wages of the different genders within the same line of work.  Furthermore, businesses that have five hundred employees and more will have to publish reports on gender pay equality every 5 years.  This will work with a points based system.  These new rules are not yet confirmed when they will be made a law.