Fears that the house will be sold off as “tear down,” caused an outrage among the German fans of Thomas Mann.  Germany has now bought the house of the Nobel prize-winning author, with plans to turn it into a “centre for transatlantic dialogue.”  This happened after three thousand curators and writers signed a petition for the house to be saved after it went on the market for the asking price of $15M.

Mann fled Germany with his family back in 1933, the time when Hitler came in to power. Built to his specifications, Mann’s house had five bedrooms in the Pacific Paradises area of Los Angeles.  Mann’s house accommodated a group of exiled German writers, artists and intellectuals of the Exilliteratur.  His house was not renowned to be the tidiest, but quite the contrary!  Many people depicted his house as “cluttered table, pens, books, paper and books, books, books in the floor ceiling shelves covering the walls.

After a period of hard negotiating, the sale was finally secured. Germany’s foreign minister Frank Walter Steinmeier, told the papers that Mann’s house had been “home for many Germans who worked toward a better future for their country, paved the way for an open society and laid the foundations for common transatlantic values.  We want to revive the Thomas Mann villa in that spirit”.

It easy to see that Thomas Mann’s house is held dear to the Germans.  The renovation of the house is forecasted to take two years.  Definitely something to look forward to!