In Germany, the climate targets for 2020 are pressing.  One of the key targets include decreasing greenhouse gas emissions by 40% from the levels of emissions we had in 1990.  A plan regarding stopping the use of coal power is in progress.

The plan was originally being called the Climate levy and it was developed by Germany’s economics minister and energy companies.  It consists of steps towards eliminating the use of lignite-fired power plants.  With this change, Germany’s aim is to reduce CO2 emissions by 22 million tons.

Despite being put offline, the plants will still be maintained in running order until 2020, just in case an emergency arises, such as power outages.    For this to be made possible, the plants will be receiving approximately 230 million euros per annum for a period of seven years.  Due to this funding, the consumers will be paying an additional 0.05euro cents per kilowatt hour. By time the use of lignite-fired power plants will be eliminated completely and the road towards green energy continues.