Germany’s trade is back on track! Previously the Rhine river in Germany became too shallow for vessels to sail through the river fully loaded. As one can imagine, this hindered extremely the trading business in Germany. The Rhine river is a crucial shipping route for any commodities including things such as, grain, coal, oil and other minerals. The problem started arising from November 2016, leaving only 20% to 30% possibility for vessels to sail through. This was caused due to the heavy snow formation and lack to rainfall in the area.
The traders stated that the cargo was still being shipped, however, in a less effective and efficient way. The traders divided the cargo accordingly to be able to pass through the shallow water.
Due to warmer temperatures and an increase in rainfall, the depths of the Rhine river started increasing. At the moment, only the southern part of the river is sufficient enough to take fully loaded ships, however, the traders predict that in the following weekend, the depths of the river will be rise to their original volume. This will allow the traders to ship their cargo using less ships, therefore, less costly.