The Grand opening of the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg!

Save the date 11th January 2017 on your calendar, as the Elbphilharmonie will celebrate its grand opening with an orchestral performance followed by a three-week festival programme.  The new 110-metre high glass construction is a breath taking architectural and acoustic masterpiece.  Due to its curved glass panels the hall captures reflections from the city, the sky and the water making it look different every time you look at it.  It is truly spectacular.

This incredible masterpiece took almost ten years to build and it is located in Hamburg’s HafenCity district.  In the first week of November, it opened the Elbphilharmonie Plaza viewing platform, offering picturesque panoramic views of the harbour and the city.

The Elbphilharmonie is the beginning of a new landmark.  It is not only a masterpiece on the outside but the internal experience of the musical acoustics and diversity will be its main traits.  It will define Hamburg’s music scene with around 650 concerts in 2017. It is a year to look forward to! We will be seeing big concerts of classical music such as the Flamenco Festival and Elvis Costello.  The terraced internal set up offers a unique atmosphere creating memorable acoustic experiences.