Frank Smet, a member of the Executive Board of Hamburg Süd stated that, “Hamburg Süd takes schedule reliability very serious. Our customers can rely on punctual delivery of their cargo. Within the value chain, this avoids, for instance, additional costs for expensive warehousing or production delays.”

When compared with twenty container lines, Hamburg Süd was ranked one of the most reliable shipping companies in the world.  It came the first place in the Sea Intel Global Liner Performance Report for three months and the second place in general for the whole year of 2016.  Hamburg Süd reached its prime in December 2016 and continued its success into this year.

Its success was made possible due to high schedule integrity, punctuality and consistent service.  Hamburg Süd is not only important for Hamburg, but for the whole country as it play key roles for the transportation of products, making it one of the world’s leading reefer container carriers.