Motivation has a crucial role in every organisation.  It acts as a helpful instrument for managers in order to inspire employees to take action and achieve goals.  Due to motivation, the workforce will have more willingness to work, thus, increases effectiveness.  An organisation with motivated employees is likely to experience:

  • Enhanced Performance: Motivation inspires interest and effort given into a task and it is crucial for maintaining employee performance.  Managers can use it to guide, sustain and energise one’s attitude towards the action required.
  • Increased Productivity: This is an individual’s ability to produce more output with less effort.  An efficient and effective workforce is crucial for a company’s success and revenue.
  • Enhanced working environment: The environment the company is operating in will improve.  Instead of having a stressed, panicked and negative workforce, you will have a team all cooperating in line with the organisation’s objectives.
  • Decrease in staff turnover: It is healthy for an organisation to have some change in the workforce, but a high staff turnover can pose negative impacts on a business.  Apart from staff turnover being extremely costly due to recruiting and training, it can decrease consistency in the service provided, demotivate other employees, and hinder focus on the company’s objectives.  Motivated staff feel part of the organisation, therefore, less likely to leave.  This also applies for absenteeism, the more motivated the staff are, the more they are likely to enjoy working.
  • Engaged workforce: An engaged workforce will work with passion and feel the profound connection with the organisation.