When moving abroad, it is critical to make yourself aware of the safety situation in the country, especially in the neighborhood you will be living in. There are several methods to learn about safety in the country; you can research online, ask anyone you know that went or live there and/or ask tourist centers.


When it comes to big crime, in Germany it is quite rare and it can be considered a relatively safe place to live in for everyone. This eventually depends on where you go, try to avoid non-populated areas in the evening and you should be fine. Apart from crime, burglary is an issue that happens more often. However, on small things such as, bicycle theft, pick pocketing and on rare occasions streets confrontations.

Top tips to stay safe and keep out of trouble:

  • Always keep emergency contact numbers in your phone.
  • Be careful where you go; places such as football stadiums and some events might get a bit out of control. Acts of violence such as fighting are prone to occur.
  • Trust your instinct! If you start having negative feelings about a particular place, avoid it or else go with someone you trust.
  • If you are going out at night, plan ahead how you will get home after your night out. If you are drinking, always avoid driving and one of the best methods to go home is by a licensed taxi or pre-booked transport.
  • Charge your phone in advance.
  • If you are new to the area, take a map or even better, maps on your phone!
  • Take a photo copy of your original documents and store them in a safe place. If you are going into the unknown, it can be a good idea to take the copies with you instead.
  • Do not carry a lot of cash with you and avoid wearing too many jewelries.

Good luck and stay safe!