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This section in the living in Germany section gives information on what an expat has to do to find a job in Germany. Even though, finding a job as a foreigner is not always easy, expats moving to Germany have countless job opportunities. This country offers long lasting fruitful careers for anyone from around the globe, despite being an EU Citizen or not. Furthermore, ensure that when you find the job, you are aware of the job specifications and the role you are entitled to. In addition to that make sure you check out and compare salaries, contracts and working conditions.

You should also check out the German job market for foreigners and expats, to become aware of what is there available and what suits you best. After that, familiarize yourself with the best websites or places that companies advertise for vacancies. This gives you the ability to compare other working possibilities available. Once you found an interesting post, find out how to apply for the job desired and what specifications are required, in order to ensure you have what it takes and what the company is asking for. You can find the all the above information in this section.

In the recent years, Germany has been experiencing an increase in job vacancies and a decrease in the unemployment rate, achieving historic records and overcoming thresholds.