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It can be a challenge to travel to a completely new country, especially if you have never been there before or do not speak the language. In this section of travel and leisure we focus on giving you the accessibility you need when you are in a new country. Whilst work is important so is leisure, so we strive to provide you with possibilities to maximise your leisure time in Germany.

Brandenburg Gate

Germany has many small cities, places of historical interest, attractive geographical locations, and collections of forests. All these places are great for a German...
driving in berlin

Driving is a perfect pastime for anyone who love vehicles. Therefore, if you are an expat, you need to be able to drive around...
rent a car in Germany

Driving your own car or rent a car in Germany Import your own car to Germany It can be complicated and costly to import a car...
Driving a car in Germany

Driving conditions and driving licences When you reach the age 18 years you will be eligible to drive a car in Germany.  You don’t have...
Public transport in Germany

In Germany urban public transport systems are modern and extensive. With buses being the most common form of public transportation, the most cities have...

One way of doing this and to get the most out of your journey, is to rent a car and explore the country for yourself. We go into discussing the advantages and disadvantages when renting a car in Germany. In addition to that, we also give you some of the most trusted rental car services in the country.

Another option you may opt for is to import your existing car to Germany. It includes some more work, however, in the long run you can save a substantial amount on rental expenses.
In the case that you do not own a vehicle or do not have the license, rest assured that you will manage to get around nonetheless.

The public transportation network in Germany is excellent, offering affordable and efficient services throughout the country. Travelling at ease is crucial and gives you more time to enjoy your leisure time.