On 21st January 2017, the final wind turbine at the Vattenfall’s wind farm Sandbank in the North Sea has been installed.  The company installed 72 wind turbines in total, all contributing to generating clean energy for Germany.   This major project commenced at the end of July last year, and the progress has been spectacular.  The company finished this project three months before anticipated.

Project Director Niels Bjaert, said that the quick development of the project had a lot of factors contributing to it.  He said that, “It’s foremost the result of very good planning, selection of a good installation set up, contractual negotiations and monitoring, following up, mitigating risks and hard work.” Furthermore, he added that this was all possible due to the motivated, focused and dedicated team combined with good cooperation with contractors, certifiers and authorities.

The Sandbank project in total cost around 1.2 Billion euros.  The forecasted power production will be 1.4 terawatt hours per year.