The German Federal Government plans to aid in investing a significant sum of 100 billion euros to spread the gigabit internet across Germany over and eight-year period.  This mega project will be partially funded by the German government and by Netzallianz Digitales Deutschland which is a private consortium in Germany including the majority of telecommunication firms in the country.

The German IT news outlet explains how out of the 100 billion euros, 80% of the funds will be generated from the industry and the remaining 20% will be from the German government.

Alexander Dobrindt said that they are currently building the next generation broadband networks.  This is made possible by joining the most advanced technologies to create an optimum one.  He also stated that, “In the future, we need more bandwidth, reliable real-time transmission, and intelligent networks that process data independently, prioritize it and transport it to the user as quickly as possible.”

The objective is that with the invested 100 billion euros, by 2025 Germany will benefit from a nationwide gigabit network.