Dieter Zetsche, the CEO of Daimler said that, “2016 was the most successful year in the corporate history of Mercedes-Benz and the 6th record-setting year in a row.”

Last year, the company achieved its goal earlier than expected.  Zetsche had forecasted that by 2020 Mercedes-Benz will be the best-selling luxury automaker.  In 2016 the company sold over two million cars, setting a new record for the company’s history of 2.084 million cars throughout the year.

Instead of chasing the market share like many other competitors, the company focused on their luxury vehicles demanded and loved by their consumers.  The company’s focus was on producing cars that are the combination of elegant, sporty and high-tech.  It’s biggest rivals Audi and BMW have quite a challenge in order to beat Mercedes-Benz’s record.  The sales from Audi are relatively low when compared to Mercedes, the total of 1.87 cars throughout 2016.  BMW’s sales have not been published yet.