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Migration Advisory Services

If you’ve just moved to Germany, many parts of life can be confusing or scary. By contacting a service that provides advice about immigration, you have someone who can always answer your questions. Face to face meetings can help you find out what you need to know without all the governmental red tape. Find out just how these services can help you when you move to Germany.

How can migration advisory services help?

You can use an advisory service to help you adjust to your new life in Germany. The service representatives can help you find a school for your children and classes to help you learn the language. They can help you find medical care and a house or apartment to live in. Many of the advisors are fluent in other languages so they are prepared to help you in your native tongue or can help you find an interpreter in one is needed. Advisory services are open to anyone, whether or not they speak German. You can use the advisory services at no charge and your personal information will always stay private.

Advice for young people with a migrant background

For youth between the ages of 12 and 24, there are over 400 Youth Migration Services (JMD) offices throughout Germany to help young people with a migrant background who have just moved to Germany. Besides offering face to face advice, these services also help young immigrants find group activities, including sports, cultural opportunities and crafts that can help them meet people. The services can also help youth apply for training and courses for using media in their new home. The Youth Migration Services work hand in hand with other relevant agencies throughout the country that help integrate youth into their new life in Germany. They work with businesses, schools and parents for the best success. Contact local youth social bodies for all of the information you need. Access the Youth Migration Services websites for answers to all of your questions at http://www.jugendmigrationsdienste.de.

Migration Advisory Service for Adult Immigrants

No matter what situation you’re facing as an adult immigrant in Germany, the Migration Advisory Service can help. Whether you just arrived in Germany or have lived here for a while, you are eligible to use the services offered for up to three years. With nearly 600 offices, the Migration Advisory Service is anywhere you live in Germany. Use the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees website at http://www.bamf.de to find the office nearest to you.

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