The beloved city Munich is sought by many expats and students moving to Germany for many reasons. Its metropolitan lifestyle has ample work and educational opportunities. Furthermore, the city is home to a very high standard of living. When it comes to leisure activities, Munich is spoiled with choice.

In this article we explore the top four locations you can escape to when you need a tranquil break from the busy city lifestyle, offering a relaxing atmosphere with spectacular views and ambience.

All the locations mentioned in this article can be reached by public transportation from Munich with a transfer time ranging from thirty minutes to three hours. If you have your own personal transportation, you can get there even quicker!

Murnau The place for picturesque scenery. While on a trip to Murnau, you can visit the home of the globally renowned painters, Wassily Kandinsky and Gabriele Münter. But that’s not all what there is to see. Many visitors visit the location for the Staffelsee lake. Here you can opt for boat trips or hikes with the most beautiful surroundings. Apart from that, in the downtown area, you can find ample restaurants, bars and a museum, the Schlossmuseum. If this does not do the trick for you, you can also visit one of the many spas in the area for a relaxing massage or treatment.

Schliersee – Home to the beautiful Schliersee lake, this town is loved in the summer times. You can swim, go for boat rides and nature walks. There are also a number of wellness centres to truly relax during your visit. But this town is not only sought in summer. In winter, it offers a wide range of winter sports such as skiing and trekking in the Alps. Nearby there is also a brewery where you can go taste some of the local beers.

Straubing – Offering a slightly different ambience from the previous two destinations. The town is home to authentic Gothic architecture and one of the most popular jazz festivals in Europe. In addition, it also hosts the largest folk festivals in Germany. One of the largest is the Gäubodenvolksfest. If you are travelling with the family, the local zoo is also an option.

Andechs Not so far from Munich’s city centre, you can find the ideal location to experience greenery, laid back days, hikes and good beer. If you aren’t up for climbing mountains but still want to enjoy a walk in the heart of nature, you have to visit Andechs. The town is also home to a monastery in which monks brewed beer since 1455.