Must do activities in Germany!

Must do activities in Germany
  • Spoil yourself with a cold beer at the Weihenstephan’s beer garden. Here you will not only find picturesque views, but also the world’s oldest brewery, which was opened in 1040.
  • Set yourself free and visit Munich’s English Garden, a public park that is renowned for drinking and nudity. This garden is also home to many breweries and outdoor activities.
  • Hard work is important, but so is relaxing. Visit one of the Baden-Baden’s thermal baths. Here one can indulge and relax in a tranquil environment known worldwide for its famous and excellent spa resorts.
  • Go to the Tegernsee lake. Take your friends or family for a picnic and enjoy the amazing scenery in the surroundings. One can also rent paddle boats or self-drive boats to get the most out of the experience. It is also a great place to meet the locals.
  • If you enjoy a lively and exciting nightlife, then you must visit the Berghain in Berlin where you can dance until sunrise in one of the worlds’ best and wildest night club. Also, if you are into partying and drinking, undeniably, you must visit Munich when Oktoberfest is celebrated.
  • Hit the road and experience how it feels driving in a road without a speed limit. It turns out that 60% of the country’s autobahn do not have speed limits.
  • If you are in Germany in the winter season, make sure you go to the Bavarian Alps to ski or snowboard. As alternative you can also opt to bike or hike up the mountains.
  • Go back in time and take the Berlin Wall trail and see where the famous wall once stood in the periods of the Nazi oppression.