Germany is known for its reputable and quality products, being purchased on a global. German is the third largest export economy in the world and one of the most complex economies. In addition to that, it is also Europe’s largest economy.

In 2016 only, Germany exported a total amount of 1.339 Trillion dollars’ worth of goods. According to statistics from International Monetary Fund’s World Economic Outlook Database, exports in the country amount up to a third of Germany’s economic output. Last year, Germany had a total GDP of 3.979 Trillion dollars.

Top exports in 2016:

  1. The number one export from Germany in 2016 were vehicles amounting up to 18.8% of total exports. Last year, the country exported a total of 251.9 billion dollars’ worth of goods.
  2. Machinery amounting up to 16.8% of total exports and 224.6 billion dollars’ worth of goods. Exported products mainly consist of computers.
  3. Electrical machinery and equipment. Having one of the leading technological industries, German exported a total amount of 137.7 billion dollars’ worth of electrical machinery and equipment. This amounts to 10.3% of total exports.
  4. Pharmaceuticals 5.7%.
  5. Optical, technical and medical apparatus 4.8%.
  6. Plastics 4.6%.

Top export destinations of Germany in 2016:

  • United states – 122 Billion dollars
  • France – 101 Billion dollars
  • United Kingdom – 93.9 Billion dollars
  • China – 78.6 Billion dollars