Packing tips to consider if you want to travel light

Packing tips
  • Try and get a small bag. Make sure you have a light bag to carry around (back pack) or something with wheels. Your bag will be with you most of the time, so make sure it will not be too heavy or big. Furthermore, take into account the climatic conditions you are going to expect.
  • Bring a lot of clean underwear, so you can last a couple of days without having to do laundry.
  • Always have an extra pair of shoes, and make sure they are comfortable. Wear the heaviest shoes on you, so you will save space and weight from your bag.
  • If you do not know how already, learn how to fold clothes. Folded clothes take much less space in your bag and also keeps it organized. Some prefer to roll clothes as it keeps the wrinkles away.
  • Pack practical and smart. Do not pack objects that you believe need to be checked at the airport, as this will only make you lose time. Get a small box or bag and put all the essentials in it.
  • Organize your boarding passes, passports, IDs and other important documents together in a folder separated, so you can find them easily when needed. It is also ideal that you do photo copies of your documents and store your original ones even safer.
  • Carry common medical supplies that you might need such as sticks, paracetamols, etc. If you suffer from any medical condition, ensure that you have packed extra dosages as a precaution.