Germany is a country loved by all, locals, expats and tourists. According to a survey conducted by Internations, Germany is amongst the top five countries for expats. With that being said, as more and more residents increase in the country, the demand for accommodation is also increasing. Due to this, the costs for rent are also increasing. Undeniably, the growing expenses of rent can seriously hinder one’s standard of living, especially if their wage remains the same. In this article, we will give you four tips you can adopt to legally pay less for your rent or negotiate an affordable price.

Keep an eye out for possible and previous defects

In between tenants, landlords tend to be losing money since the apartment would not be rented until the apartment is ready for the next tenant to move in. In order to maximize profits, landlords might hurry this process and leave some defects in your apartment or flat. Such defects may include, defected devices, wear and tear, lack of paint or humidity marks. However, the law states that the landlord must maintain the place proper & defect-free. Before signing the contract, ensure that you go through the apartment and look for any possible defects. If you find any, you have to make the landlord aware and mention them in writing. You are able to request a decrease in the cost of rent, at least until the defects are fixed and paid for.

Maintenance and large renovations

In the property business, wear and tear is a constant challenge and most of the time the buildings need to be maintained often. In the case of the building needing large renovations such as painting, building or changes requiring scaffolding, you are able to contest the landlord, in order to pay less rent until the renovations are done. This is often due to noise pollution. This is only applicable if you moved into the property before the renovations commence.

Loud Neighbors

If your neighbors’ building is under construction and causing noise and dust in your apartment you can demand that the rent is reduced. This also applies if there is a nearby club, bar or even casinos in the area.

The law

Rent control in Germany is taken very seriously and since 2015, a new law made to help prevent quick and harsh increases on rent by landlords. Especially in the larger cities, the prices asked by the landlords have to be in line with the ‘Mietspiegel’, the official price indicator for rents. If you really want to enforce this and you think you are being unfairly charged, worry not, as there are specialized lawyers and companies that negotiate with the landlord themselves. The best part of it is that it is all for free! If the case proves to be successful the lawyers/companies are entitled to a small amount from the reimbursed amount. If they lose the case, you do not have to pay anything, worth a try, right?