For affluent individuals with the need for freedom and security, a residence permit (or even citizenship), which can be achieved through a Residence by Investment solution in many countries such as Germany, offers numerous advantages.


Some of the benefits that come with official residence in certain countries include:

  • Unrestricted travel (especially in the Schengen countries)
  • Personal independence and freedom
  • Expanded opportunities and flexibility in investments, personal finance and tax planning

There are only a few countries that can offer the full range of advantages in regards to “residence through investment”. It’s important when making an important decision to have an expert who can help to separate fact from fiction and truth from myth.

Citizen Lane will be your personal and competent partner for Residence & Citizenship-by-Investment in German speaking countries. The company understands the importance of the lifetime choice you are about to make and its dramatic impacts on your life.

You will receive a comprehensive support in selecting the best program for you and Citizen Lane will be by your side throughout the entire process.

When you choose Citizen Lane as your partner you can be sure that you will benefit from an experienced and competent team. Services include (but are not limited to):

  • Personal, tailored consulting for all aspects of residence and citizenship
  • Transparent fee structure (including fees for translations, certifications etc.)
  • Investment offers with return on investment
  • Processing of your residence permit and passport applications and subsequent renewals through our lawyers & consultants
  • One-time passport or residence permit renewal

Citizen Lane’s services are charged on an hourly basis. Processing services of citizenship applications, residence permit applications, residence permit renewals and passport renewals are charged on a lump sum.

Contact Citizen Lane directly for a personal consultation and proposal.


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