According to the Federal Statistics Office in Germany, ten years ago, women’s wages were around 23% less than men’s wages.  During the past few years the wage gap between men and women has been finally closing in.  In 2014 and 2015 the gap decreased to 22% and last year it decreased again to 21%.  Even though it is far from perfect equality, it shows that in Germany, improvement is being shown.

Manuela Schwesig, the German’s Federal Minister for family affairs told reporters that even though not enough, there is a bit of movement in the gender pay-gap.  In order to fasten this process of wage equality and help close the gap, she proposed a ‘wage transparency law,’ which is the ability to discuss wages and benefits without the fear of reprisal.  In order for this legislation to be put to practice, companies having two hundred or more employees would have to give their employees a raise in wage if more than five people of the opposite gender with the same designation earn more than others did.  Votes are expected in the near future by the German Parliament.

Even though we are not there yet, we are a step closer than we were yesterday!