The expat life is very rewarding and exciting but also a very challenging lifestyle. There are a few barriers expats are faced with on a daily basis and some expats just end up giving up or not making it, for multiple reasons. In this article, we will be giving you three of the most common barriers expats experience.

Language barriers

English speaking countries and cities are on the rise, however, the language is still one of our top barriers. It is highly recommended you make yourself familiar with the basics of the new language and the more you know, the easier it is for you to adapt. There are many ways for you to learn the language quicker, including, private lessons, online language courses or tutors.

Close relationships

It is relatively easy to make a couple of friends along the way, however, it is rarely the same as the friends you grew up with in your hometown. In the long run this can be extremely de-motivating and the best ways to overcome it is to, interact with as many people as possible, visit your friends back home, plan holidays and try social groups.

Experiencing the country

You are not a tourist and still not considered as a local. Whilst you need to work as much as possible, you also need to spare time to go out and explore the unknown. However, since you are not on holiday, on your off days, when you finally have some time off, you may want to rest, rather than go on adventures. In this case, time is your best option as most of the time you just need to get used to your working pattern and new lifestyle, then you can find some time for leisure. With that being said, try your best to maintain a healthy work-life balance.