Editor’s choice of top five cities recommended for expats. Click on the links below for more information about the cities.

  1. Berlin

One of the top cities for expats!  Berlin is a jewel in Germany offering never ending career possibilities for anyone around the globe.  This section in the lifestyle sector provides information why Berlin is amongst the top cities for expats in Germany and also in the world.  Hundreds and thousands of international professional expats visit this city every year. It is Germany’s largest city and one can rest assured that they…  https://welcome-center-germany.com/lifestyle/berlin/

  1. Munich

Munich, is the third largest city in Germany.  It is prosperous with a thriving economy and is definitely worth considering when moving to Germany.  This city attracts thousands of international expats and students with the aim of growing their careers and living an attractive lifestyle.  Having one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country Munich is renowned for its wealth and high standards of living.  A city which everyone…  https://welcome-center-germany.com/lifestyle/munich/

  1. Frankfurt

Frankfurt is one of the most connected cities in Germany.  The airport is one of the busiest in whole Europe with great accessibility.  Within the city the excellent public network is very efficient and affordable. You will travel within the city at ease without a car.  Apart from this. Frankfurt is one of the leading cities for business start up with a very strong economy.  Life in Frankfurt can be slightly expensive but in return you will receive very high quality of living. In this part of the lifestyle section you can find information about why Frankfurt is ideal for expats, make you aware of its best… https://welcome-center-germany.com/lifestyle/frankfurt/

  1. Hamburg

The Gateway to the World – Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and the eight’ largest city in the European Union.  In this section of the Lifestyle sector we will be showing why this city is amongst the top cities favoured by expats moving to Germany and what to expect once you are there.  This city offers many working and studying opportunities for expats moving to Germany.  Situated on River Elbe, Hamburg is a crucial transport hub and it is home to the second largest…  https://welcome-center-germany.com/lifestyle/hamburg/

  1. Stuttgart

Stuttgart is not one of the biggest cities in Germany, however, this city has a lot to offer!   Situated in the south of Germany, surrounded by forests and the River Neckar, this city offers a tranquil and calm lifestyle.  Even though it has a close connection with nature, this city is home to many major companies, two of them being Mercedes Benz and…  https://welcome-center-germany.com/lifestyle/stuttgart/