German is and has been home for many people that are globally renowned for their talents. When it comes to famous singers, Germany has ample artists. Listening to German music can be a way of learning the language itself, however, be aware of certain slang that might be used and different dialects. In this article, we will give you the editor’s pick of Germany’s top 5 famous singers.


Most people know her for the famous song called, 99 Lufballons, meaning 99 Balloons.  Most of her popularity and fame grew through this song, however, Nena has many other famous hits, such as ‘Wunder gescheh’n’, ‘Du bist gut’ and ‘Willst du mit mir gehn’.

Herbert Grönemeyer

If you are into pop and rock, then make sure you check out Grönemeyer, as he is one of the most famous singers in whole Germany and also known on an international scale. Apart from the Germans themselves, he is very well known with the Swiss and Austrians. In addition to that, not only is he a good singer but also starred as an actor in several movies. Some of his top songs include, ‘Amerika’, ‘Der Weg’ and ‘Zum Meer’.

Sarah Connor

A singer, song writer and also a TV personality. Her real name is Sarah Terenzi, however, she changed it once she started with her career.  She plays in multiple categories, however, most of her songs fall under the category pop. Her top hits include, ‘Key to My Soul’, ‘Naughty but Nice’ and ‘From Sarah with Love’, Back in the 2000s she sold over 15 million copies.

Xavier Naidoo

Known as Kobra, he is loved by many people around the world. He mainly shines in the R&B and soul category, however, he also has other type of songs. Xavier Naidoo is renowned for his rhyming capabilities and some of his top songs include, ‘Dieser Weg’, ‘Sag es laut’ and ‘Alles kann besser werden’.

Nina Hagen

Her full name is Catharina Hagen and she is a singer, song writer and also an actress. During the late 1970’s she was very popular for her theatrical vocals and back then she was referred to as the ‘Godmother of Punk’, due to her popularity during the punk movements. Some of her top songs include, ‘Zarah’, New York New York, and Smack Jack.