Flying from a destination to another is becoming more frequent every day. People no longer fly solely for holidays, however, going abroad for business, events, health and other issues is becoming increasingly popular. When flying, there are some mistakes unexperienced flyers are prone to make. Below we give you the top 5 mistakes people experience when flying.

Not booking your seat when you book the flight

Most of the seats in the plane are comfortable enough, meaning you have your own space, incline and some leg space. When you do not book your seat in advance, you risk being seated in some of the worst seats. These include places such as the back of the airline where you have no incline and barely any leg room. For a comfortable flight, book your seat you wish in advance. (*Tip – for more leg room opt for seats next to the emergency exits)

Not wearing comfortable clothing

It is not extremely rare for the airline to lose your luggage and you might end up with no clothes until you get your refund or your luggage back. It is not ideal to be stuck in uncomfortable clothes. In addition to that, if you are flying for business purposes, it is recommended that you fly in formal clothing, so if your luggage gets lost, you have a decent outfit to make it to the meeting or event. (*Tip – Wear formal yet comfortable clothing that you can easily wash and/or re-use if need be)

Assuming you will get food on the plane

Do not fly hungry, with the hope of satisfying your appetite on the plane. Nowadays, many aircrafts, especially low cost, are not giving food to the passengers or give small portions. It is recommended to eat beforehand. While waiting for your flight go have a snack at one of the restaurants in the airport. (*Tip –  to save money prepare some homemade sandwiches or snack to eat before entering the airport)

Over packing

Many of us end up over packing when getting our luggage’s ready. We then end up not using half of them. In addition to that, you are likely to buy some things when abroad, and would end up having to pay or throw away additional items from your luggage.

Not making copies of your important documents

Pick pocketing in quite common, especially in the big and highly populated destinations. Without your documentation, you cannot fly back to your home country or it would end up being a big hassle. Make copies of your documentation and ideally store the original ones somewhere safe. By doing so, you can then carry the copies in your pocket or bag without the fear of being stolen or lost. (*Tip – make at least two copies of each and if you are travelling with a companion, give one of the copies to them)