Thriving Economy

Germany is home to the largest economy in whole Europe and the forth place on a global scale. Especially in 2016 and 2017, the country experienced historic recorded growth with regards to the economy and GDP.  Furthermore, it has a low jobless rate and a large number of vacancies, offering countless opportunities for international expats from around the world.

Easy to communicate

Even though the German language is dominant in the country, many Germans speak English fluently and there are large expat communities. This helps reduce language barriers and enhances communication at the workplace. Most of the companies in Germany rely on the English language as an international language.

High quality of life

An increasing minimum wage and the increasing employment rate continues to contribute to the high quality of life in Germany. In its prosperous and multicultural cities, one can easily adapt and make Germany their new home. Apart from all the studying and working opportunities, the country is home to ample leisure activities and entertainment attractions. The Germans also give a lot of importance to the work-life balance, ensuring they have enough time to work, but also to enjoy leisure time with friends and family.


Germany is renowned for its research. It holds the rank of first location in Europe and its R&D is supported by billions of euros, making the country a world leader in innovation. Moreover, Germany is also amongst the top regarding technological development.

Efficient methods of transport

In Germany, the public transport is very efficient, as it has excellent transport connections. Furthermore, the country is also home to good quality motorways without any speed limits. On top of all that, if you wish to work out while you travel to work, you can opt for cycling. The country is equipped with many bicycle lanes with a lot of good quality cycle paths. In other words, it is very unlikely that you will be late for work.