1. History

Germany is renowned for some of the most famous historical figures in the world. The country is known for some of the most famous philosophers, inventors, scientists and professionals around the globe that shed light to some of the most important things in life. These include, Karl Marx, Albert Einstein, Martin Luther, Rudolf Diesel and Max Weber. Furthermore, Germany has very rich and spectacular historical and cultural landmarks.

  1. Beer

A paradise for those that love beer. Most of the residents in Germany love to drink beer, but also brew it. The average German is estimated to consume 140 liters of beer per year! Moreover, the country is home to many large breweries, producing around 115 hectoliters of beer per year! Some portray beer as the anchor of popular culture in Germany

  1. Expatriate cities

Germany is home to many prosperous cities, which attract thousands of expats every year. Some of these cities include, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Hamburg. The reason being is that Germany is a multicultural country that offers countless job opportunities and a good standard of living.

  1. Music

Not only is this country the third largest music market in the world, but the first in whole Europe. Germany has many famous music composers, including, Ludwig van Beethoven and Johann Sebastian Bach. The amount of local music composers outnumbers most nationalities.

  1. Cars

Germany has been one of the leading countries automobile industry for many years. One can find many car museums and factories across the country and it is home the famous car manufacturers, Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz and Porsche. Not only that, but Germany offers memorable experiences for driving enthusiasts as it has many great roads and scenery one can enjoy.