A fruitful career is critical in today’s lifestyle, however, life is not all about work, some entertainment and leisure is also needed. Situated in the heart of Europe, Germany is also home to some many leisure attractions and activities to enjoy in your free time. Below we provide you with the author’s pick of the top 5 leisure sights in Germany.

Europa Park

Situated in the south west of Germany, this entertainment park is the biggest in all the German speaking countries. This is the ideal place for those that seek an adrenaline rush. It also has a lot of rides for families and children. Another perk is that it is also open in winter! For more information, kindly visit; http://www.europapark.de/en

Lake Constance with Mainau Island, Monastic Island of Reichenau

A UNESCO World Heritage site and also a paradise for its visitors. Escape the city and discover Germany from a different perspective and enjoy a naturalistic, picturesque and relaxed experience. http://www.bodensee.eu/en

Heidelberg Castle and old quarter

Attracting visitors since the 19th century, the Heidelberg Castle is a must see for those that love history and culture. This is also one of the most famous landmarks in Europe and renowned as the epitome of German Romanticism. For more information, kindly visit; http://www.heidelberg-schloss.de

Black Forest

Put on your adventure shoes and go explore the beautiful, yet untamed deep green forests. The Black Forest offers unique experiences and picturesque scenery. For more information, kindly visit; http://www.blackforest-tourism.com/Black-Forest

Island of Juist

A truly special place to visit. The locals call the island ‘Töwerland’, which means ‘magic land’, and it truly lives up to its expectations. Home to seventeen kilometers of sandy beaches this island is the place to be if you seek calmness and tranquility. Apart from that it can also be a fun place to go with a couple of friends or family. For more information, kindly visit;  http://www.juist.de