Travel Health Insurance Germany

Travel Health Insurance Germany

Travel Health Insurance Germany

While Germany has an impressive standard of medical care, it is important to note that without adequate health insurance, hospitals stays and emergency care can lead to expensive bills which the individual will have to pay. With travel health insurance Germany can provide emergency assistance and protection from these fees as well as comfort of mind both for yourself and those close to you. Some, especially those from countries with universal medical care, may be tempted to skip this important process, but considering that a medical emergency may leave a patient facing tens of thousands of Euros in hospital fees, travel health insurance whilst in Germany is an economical and necessary expenditure for everyone visiting the country.

Visit Insurance

The Schengen, or short-stay, visa allows a visitor to the EU freedom to travel for up to 90 days in 25 European countries. This visa is a highly popular choice among holiday-makers and business travellers, as well as those planning on spending time with family members, but it is important to remember that adequate insurance is required before a visa can even be processed, with all German embassies requiring confirmation from a certified travel insurance provider prior to a visa being issued. Insurance covering a Schengen visa will also cover a traveller across their European trip, so once a policy is confirmed in this manner travellers gain the ability to explore Europe without care.

Student Insurance

Applying to a German university for a foreign student is an exciting time. With a whole new country and people to explore, alongside the usual trepidation of starting a higher education, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Health insurance, while perhaps not the most interesting element of the University application, is certainly one of the most important. A student visa cannot be supplied without sufficient health insurance coverage, meaning that a failure to do so may result in you being refused entry to the country. This could cause costly delays or even the need to reapply at the University, as a health insurance policy is required by both the country and the educational institute. Furthermore, health insurance for your German trip means that your family can relax in the knowledge that you will be covered in any eventuality while you are away from home.
The most popular provider of health insurance to students is MAWISTA, a company with an excellent reputation. As the predominant supplier of student health insurance policies, they are equipped to produce unique policies tailored around the student experience. Their services are also perfect for other young adults, such as those working as interns or recent graduates, offering a range of products for all. An ideal choice is the Tarif Mawista Student Classic, an inexpensive visa-based insurance policy specifically for those studying in Germany.

Work Insurance

The Blue Card, a recent German introduction similar in style to the American Green Card, is a straightforward way to allow foreign residents to gain employment within the country. An insurance policy is still required for those living and working in Germany, usually covering a worker for up to a year. Long-term plans are also useful to German residents working or travelling abroad, as the plan will cover an individual globally as well as any additional after-care.

What Does Insurance Cover?

Insurance coverage will vary between plans and providers, although it is useful to gain a general idea of what health insurance will usually cover. Travel health insurance Germany based plans will, as a rule of thumb, cover such examples as emergency and ambulance treatment in the event of an accident, aids for walking such as wheelchairs, emergency hospital operations and treatment, dental care and costs associated with burial or transfers alongside coverage of personal property due to theft or loss. While some of these are extreme examples of highly unlikely events, the advantage of having health insurance over being uninsured in the rare occurrences of an emergency cannot be overstated and so should be considered a necessary item for all travellers.