German airlines are removing the two-people cockpit rule that was enforced two years ago. The decision was made after an evaluation by the German Aviation Association (BDL) shown that two people rule does not increase the level of security.

Back in 2015, Germany introduced a two-person cockpit rule after a deadly plane crash where 144 passengers and 6 crew were killed in France.  Black box recordings shown that the person responsible for this accident has been treated for mental health problems previous the accident and then locked himself in the cockpit alone, resulting into crashing the plane into the mountainside. BDL argued that their decision on removing the two-person rule, would minimize the risk of terrorists or criminals forcing their way in, as the cockpit will be opening less times with one person in the cabin.  Furthermore, in order to minimize risks similar to the previous accident of ‘pilot suicide,’ BDL said that they would increase mental health checks on pilots and offer cabin crew access to psychological support.