In Germany, renewable energy is becoming much more predominant. Most of this energy is generated from wind turbines on land and in water. Finally, the transition towards green energy is starting to show its positive effects. Over the weekends, lately most of the coal-fired and nuclear power plants are being left offline.  By 2020, Germany aims to shut down all of its nuclear plants in the country.

April 20, of this year was a remarkable day for Germany. Only 8 gigawatts were produced by coal-fired power stations and they were only online from 15.00 until 16.00.  On that weekend, renewable energy sources produced up to 85 percent of the electricity. According to Patrick Graichen from Agora Energiewende, he said that by 2030 days like April 20 will completely normal.

Together with Germany, many other countries are also improving with regards to the use of renewable energy.  Some of the countries also managed to shut off completely the coal-fired power stations on certain days. Make way to a green future!